The Bunker Convention Certificate is mandatory to all vessels for which the Convention applies, registered under the Sierra Leone Flag without exemption
The following procedure applies to all ships over 1000 gross tonnage, of any type and registered in a State party flag or registered in non state party entering into the territorial seas or exclusive economic zone of any state party shall be required to maintain insurance or other financial security to cover the liability of the registered owner for pollution damage which meets the requirements of the Convention and to obtain a certificate issued by State party attesting that such insurance is in force.
The Bunker Convention Certificate will be required during the registration, renewal and any other request by the ship-owner to the Flag in order to proceed with such request.
Any vessel to which the Convention applies and will be navigating in the territorial sea or economic exclusive zone of Sierra Leone shall also have evidence of compliance with the Bunker Convention.
Our Representative Office in Ukraine is authorized to issue the originals of bunker certificates (BCC 2001) in accordance with International Convention on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution, 2001 and CLC certificate in accordance with International Convention on Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage, 1992.
Bunker Certificates can be issued to vessels registered under the Sierra Leone Flag or registered under a Non State Party of the Convention. SLMARAD is not issuing a Bunker Certificate to vessels registered under another State Party of the Convention.
The  following documents shall be submitted to our e-mail registration@flagadmin.com for the issuance of Bunker Convention Certificate:
  • Blue card addressed to:      Sierra Leone Maritime Administration - Maritime House #6, Government Wharf Ferry Terminal, Freetown, Sierra Leone.
  • P&I Agreement/Policy
  • Certificate of Registry
The Certificate will be valid for the period of the insurance coverage.
Bunker certificate will be issued within 24 hours with providing the copies of issued certificates to your e-mail address and indicated Way Bill Number for tracking of dispatched originals by courier to your address.
Accepted International Clubs
Accepted P&I Clubs not members of the International Clubs