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Ship and Yacht Registration. Ship Technical Supervision.

Our group of companies being a unique multifunctional maritime center carries out activities since 1998, providing high quality services in the maritime sphere worldwide with no intermediaries involved.
The structure of our unique multifunctional maritime center consists of the Official Representatives of many convenient and stable Flag Maritime Administrations, as well as of the Exclusive Representatives of various Classification Societies (Recognized Organizations).
We have many years’ experience in the field of maritime law and international shipping. Members of our staff are qualified surveyors and auditors with higher maritime education, who completed training directly at the head offices of Flag Maritime Administrations in order to provide qualified consultation services to clients.
 We will become Your universal assistant in the field of maritime activities. Being a unique multifunctional maritime center, quickly, easily and directly without any delays and intermediaries we will provide the full range of services for the successful international shipping business operations, merchant ships operating, pleasure and commercial yachts keeping, as well as for any international trading company.
Following and many other services are provided to our clients:
- To receive all necessary consultations concerning to the choice of convenient flag depending on navigation area, age and the type of vessel / yacht.
- Processing of necessary documents for sale and purchase of a vessel/yacht in accordance to requirements of various Flag Administrations.
- To register a ship under the flag of convenience quickly and easy and to receive all the required original registration certificates in our office on the day of registration. Upon submission of all requested documents by e-mail by client, registration is performed within one to two business days.
- To register a yacht (pleasure or commercial) quickly and easy in International Register and to receive all the necessary original documents on the day of registration in our office. Upon submission of copies of all required documents by e-mail by client registration is performed within one to two business days.
- To receive endorsements of seafarers’ certificates for officers and ratings from various Flag Administrations in accordance with STCW Convention 78/95, as amended.
- To provide technical supervision of a vessel from Recognized Organization authorized by many Flag Administrations, to classify the vessel (to get class for the vessel) with obtaining of all the necessary original classification and statutory certificates in our office.
- Carrying out of an independent investigation of marine casualties and incidents for Insurance Companies, Flag Administrations, Shipowners.
- Investigation of cargo damage, shortage or loss.
- Ultrasonic measurements of cargo holds, cargo holds hatches, containers and other compartments.
- To receive Bunker Certificate of  Insurance (BCC 2001) in accordance with International Convention on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution 2001 (Bunkers Convention) for vessels flying the flag of non-members of Convention within one business day with obtaining of the original in our office.
- To receive Wreck Removal Certificate (WRC 2007) in accordance with International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks, adopted in Nairobi in 2007 (Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks, 2007) for vessels flying the flag of non-members of Convention within one business day with obtaining of the original in our office.
Our unique multifunctional maritime center has the following departments:
Registration Department (consultation services, preparing and submitting of documents required for registration of a vessel, yacht, offshore company);
ISM/ISPS/MLC -2006 Department (conducts ship supervision in accordance with ISM, ISPS Codes, MLC -2006  requirements, control of documentation, development of ISM booklets, MLC manuals, Ship Security Plan and Ship Security Assessment, performs audits according to ISM/ISPS/MLC-2006);
Technical Department (Class and Statutory Surveys, development of different technical booklets, Strength and Stability Calculations);
STCW  Certification Department (conducts preparation of full set of documents in order to obtain endorsements of seafarers’ certificates from various Flag Administrations under the provisions of the International Convention on Standards of Training Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers 1978, as amended in 1995 with Manila amendments).

PALAU - SUPPORT DURING CONCENTRATED INSPECTION CAMPAIGN (CIC) From 1st September 2019 till 30th November 2019, all PISR vessels may be subject to an additional check by PSC. PISR will carry out a free-of-charge Distant Audit on the vessel to provide proper guidance to the master to undergo inspection preparations. Read more

The requirements for the Medical Certificate form has changed. Please be advised that Panamanian Administration from the now on will not accept Medical Certificates issued on Panamanian blanks unless the certificate was issued in Panama by Panamanian doctor. Read more

TO OWNERS/MANAGERS/OPERATORS! SOLAS Regulation II-2/10 regarding fire fighters’ communication was amended by IMO Resolution MSC 338(91). This resolution added paragraph 10.4 to clarify that “a minimum of two (2) two-way portable radiotelephone apparatus for each fire party for fire-fighter’s communication shall be carried on board. Read more

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