Paris MOU Policy

Belize has decided to implement and enforce with immediate  effect 1st November 2013, the following directives applicable to the following: 

  • Registration of vessels intending to operate in the Paris MOU and 
  • Current vessels operating in the area:


No new entries of vessels  of 25  years  or older will be  accepted with Non-IACS RO classification/certification.  For these vessels entering the Registry with previous lACS  classification & certification, an RO change to a non-lACS will not be permitted as this immediately raises the target factor for inspections on older ships. 

Current vessels on the  Belize Register of 25 years or more which were accepted by this Administration as lACS  certified, will not be permitted to change to a non-lACS company as this also immediately raises the target factor for inspections and by extension detentions. 

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