Security Related Training Certificates - Mandatory Requirements for all seafarers STCW Reg. VI-6

We would like to inform you that STCW Convention and Code as amended by Manila Amendment (STCW 2010) contains new requirements regarding security training for all crew members Regulation VI/6.

We remind you that STCW Convention Regulation VI/6 takes effect from 01/01/2014 and requires all seafarers on ships subject to the ISPS Code to receive security related training and instruction relevant to their assigned duties on board.

Section A-VI/6 sets out new mandatory requirements about:

Familiarization and security awareness training for all seafarers (applies to seafarers  employed  or  engaged  in  any  capacity  on  the  ship  without designated security duties).

Regulation VI/6, table А-VI/6-1 

Designated security duties of seafarers (applies  to  every  seafarer  who  is  designated  to  perform  security  duties  as  stated  in  the  Ship Security Plan).

Regulation VI/6, table А-VI/6-2

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