For provisional registration (valid for six months) the ship owners or their representatives are expected to submit following documents: 
  • Application for Registration and Notice of Name of Ships .doc 
  • Declaration of Ownership .doc notarized or certified by the local representative of Maritime Authority
  • Bills of Sale for the Vessel/Condemnation Order/Builder’s Certificate – notarized
  • Power of Attorney (where applicable) executed by the Owning Company in favour of the person(s) signing the various Forms for registration
  • Application for Radio License .doc
  • Conformation from Classification Society that the Ship is in class. Any exemptions, conditions pertaining to the Certification of Class and expiry dates of certificates are to be indicated
  • Application for Minimum Safe Manning Certificates .doc
  • Certified copy of International Tonnage Certificate (ITC’69) from previous registry
  • Radio Authority’s Confirmation in respect of the management of radio accounts, in the form of the Letter on AACI’s Letterhead
  • Certificate of Incorporation or Similar Documents Notice of Establishment; Notice of Directors or Similar Documents; Certificate of Good Standing or Jamaican Passport (if the owner is a citizen of Jamaica)
  • Copy of Deletion Certificate from the previous registry (if available) or declaration that the ship has no encumbrance
  • Support from mortgagees for the registration of the ship in Jamaica (where applicable)
  • Mortgage Deeds (where applicable)
  • Copy of Continuous Synopsis Record (CRS) from Previous Flag
  • Declaration of Information for Continuous Synopsis Record .doc
  • Declaration of Company Security Officer.doc
  • Application for Endorsement .doc The application form lists the supporting documentation to be submitted to allow verification of the crew qualification.
  • Statutory Certificates issued under the previous Registry
  • Document of Compliance (DOC) and Safety Management Certificates (SMC) of the vessel, evidencing the compliance with the International Management (ISM) Code.
Provisional Registration may be effected upon the submission of faxed or e-mailed copies of all forms / documents. The original documents must be submitted within 30 days of provisional registration. However, statutory certificates issued under the previous Registry are not required to be submitted in original.
Corporate documents pertinent to the Owning Company may be certified as true copies under the Stamp of a Deputy Registrar. Additionally, documents required to be witnessed by Notary Public or Consular officer may be witnessed by the DR.
For permanent registration (valid for 5 years) the required documentation is following:
  • Deletion Certificate (unless already submitted for Provisional Registration).
  • Valid Certificate of Hull and Machinery.
  • All Statutory Certificates applicable to the Vessel in question, issued by or under the authority of the Maritime Authority of Jamaica.
  • Classification Survey Status
  • Carving and Marking Note (duly completed).

* All documents submitted must be in the English language or, if they are in a foreign language, they must be accompanied by an official translation thereof.

The following must be submitted in applying for the Registration of a vessel under 24m
  • Application For Registration and Notice of Name of a Vessel under 24m .doc
  • Declaration of Ownership .doc
  • Power of Attorney
  • Jamaican Passport (if individual owner)
  • Certificate of Incorporation or Similar Documents of Establishment; Notice of Directors or Similar Documents; Certificate of a Good Standing;
  • Certificate of Deletion, Cancellation or De-registration at or before the date and time of registration in Jamaica (if applicable)
  • Bill of Sale for the Vessel/Condemnation Order/Builder’s Certificate
  • Application for Radio License (where applicable) .doc
  • Valid Certificate of Survey
  • Carving and Marking Note
  • Appropriate Fees