In accordance with the Registration of Merchant Shipping Act, 1994 and amendments thereto, a provisional registration is valid for six months. For regular / provisional registration before permanent registration, the ship owners or their representatives are expected to submit following documents:

  • Application form for Ship Registration .doc : officially signed by applicant and this application form should include essential information required for the issuance of provisional Registry cert /Radio station license cert/ Minimum safety cert, and signed copy firstly can be submitted to us.
  • (Notarized) Bill of Sale & (Notarized) Acceptance of sale or (Notarized) Declaration of Ownership .doc (If owner is not changed): Signed BOS&AOS or signed declaration of ownership copy firstly is required to submit us. And notarized BOS/AOS original or notarized Declaration of ownership original could be submitted to us later when you apply for permanent registration before expiry date on provisional registry certificate. (And, in signature part & notary part, seller and buyer’s PIC’s full name/position/company name should be fully indicated.)
  • ISM Declaration .doc & CSR application form .doc (only in case of over 500GRT); signed copy firstly can be submitted to us.
  • Previous Flag’s Reg. Cert copy & ITC(or NTC) & SR & DOC & SMC: if any
  • Owner’s company incorporation cert copy and applicant’s passport copy
  • Valid SW cert copy issued by RO or Regular IACS member’s Class cert copy (only in case of over 25 years old ship): it could be submitted within 1-2months after registration.

And, if all the signed application form copies are firstly submitted to our office, every vessel can be officially registered within 1-2 days under Cambodia flag.


Permanent Registration is valid for five years (in case of RSL/MSMC, valid : one year, Permanent registry cert : valid for 5 years, except for Yacht) and can be proceeded at any time within due date in time or before upon submission of the necessary documentation original as following.

  • Application for Ship Registration ORIGINAL : officially signed by applicant
  • Notarized Bill of Sale original & Notarized Acceptance of sale original or Notarized Declaration of Ownership original (If owner is not changed**) (in signature/notary part, seller and buyer’s PIC’s full name/position/company name should be fully indicated)
  • ISM Declaration original & CSR issue (only in case of over 500GRT)* :for CSR issue, previous flag’s closing CSR copy which show registration cease date should be submitted to ISROC, together with valid class/DOC/SMC/ISSC cert copy issued under Cambodia flag.
  • Notarized ship owner’s declaration sheet ORIGINAL in case of Fish carriers (refrigerated & non refrigerated) & fish processing factory, ; Ship owner should submit the notarized declaration original certifying vessel does not involve with any illegal fishing & illegal carriage of caught fish.
  • Previous Flag’s Deletion certificate original with DR confirmation sheet: Deletion certificate original officially issued by previous flag should be submitted to ISROC HQ and, if deletion cert is NOT ENGLISH, deletion cert must be accompanied by an official English translation and notarized English translation part should be submitted to ISROC HQ together with deletion cert original. In case that submitted Deletion cert is proved as not original or forged one (such as color copy or scan copy), permanent registration can be cancelled / invalid by ISROC, even though permanent registration certs are already issued by Deputy Registrar through ISROC’s authorization.
  • Copies of all valid Full term statutory certificates issued by a Recognized Organization (ITC/SR: Under GRT500, ITC/SR/DOC/SMC/ISSC : OVER GRT 500)
  • AAIC confirmation sheet which is responsible for radio account : it should be directly sent from AAIC to ISROC HQ
  • INMARSAT ACTIVATION .doc: in case that GMDSS A1+A2+A3, inmarsat activation is mandatory before permanent registration process.