Sierra Leone Maritime Administration (SLMARAD) is an open registry accepting any ship owner worldwide and various type of vessels that meet the Sierra Leone standards in accordance with Merchant Shipping Act, 2003. The registration procedure is an easy and straight forward procedure in accordance with national and international standards. The registration procedure for vessels aims to safeguard the interest of the ship owners as well as buyers. SLMARAD accepts vessels of any type and can conduct registration of new build ships and transferring of existing vessels from other flag Administrations. 
Citizen or body corporate or a foreign corporation registered in Sierra Leone or by being a foreign corporation and obtaining a resident agent in Sierra Leone can be the owner of a Sierra Leone vessel. The age limit for such a registration is twenty (20) years. There is no crew nationality requirement.  
The provisional registration of vessels can be conducted through our Registration Office  available to assist and guide the ship owners into the registration procedure. In accordance with Merchant Shipping Act, 2003 and amendments thereto, a provisional registration is valid for six months. For regular / provisional registration before permanent registration, the ship owners or their representatives are expected to submit a set of required documents.
Validity of the Provisional Registry Certificates 
The following Provisional Registration Certificates shall be valid for 06 months from the date of issuance: 
  • Provisional Certificate of Registry 
  • Provisional Minimum Safe Manning Certificate 
  • Provisional Ship Station License 
Required Documents for Provisional Registration
Within 180 days from the date of first Provisional Registration, all the required Documents for Permanent Registration should be submitted to our Office. If the vessel does not have the required Documents for Permanent Registration, the Owner will be advised to apply for Extension. 
Validity of Permanent Registry Certificates: 
  • Permanent Certificate of Registry: 5 years (counted from the date of 1st Provisional Certificate.  *Note: 1 year for Non-Propelled Barge (counted from the date of 1st Provisional Certificate) the permanent COR will be issued yearly in order to get the payment for the annual taxes. 
  • Permanent Minimum Safe Manning Certificate: 1 year (counted from the date of 1st Provisional Certificate). 
  • Permanent Ship Station License: 1 year (counted from the date of 1st Provisional Certificate). 
  • Permanent Certificate of Registry – YACHT: 5 years (counted from the date of 1st Provisional Certificate). 
  • Permanent Continuous Synopsis Record has no expiration date, new CSR must be issued when any information on CSR has changed. 
Required Documents for Permanent Registration
The Request for Renewal needs to be submitted the minimum 15 days before Expiration Date.
Required Documents for Renewal of the Certificates
In case of a change in the registered particulars of a ship (other than a change in the tonnage of the ship) or in the name or address of the owner entered in the Register (not being a change of ownership), application shall be made as soon as practicable to the Registrar for the change to be recorded in the Register.
An application for the registration of any change shall be provided in completed Application form. pdf  and shall be accompanied by the certificate of registry and such evidence as to the change as may be required by the Registrar.
On recording the change in the registered particulars, the existing certificate should be canceled and a new certificate of registry will be issued to the owner on the same date of expiration as the existing one.
Every ship shall before registration, be surveyed by a surveyor of ship and her tonnage ascertained in accordance with the tonnage regulations made under this Act. The surveyor shall issue a tonnage certificate specifying the ship’s tonnage and build in accordance with regulations. The tonnage certificate shall be delivered to the Registrar before the ship is registered.
Freetown is appointed as a port of registry for registration of Sierra Leonean ships. The name of the port – FREETOWN – shall be prominently marked in Certificate of Registration of every ship Registered under Flag of Sierra Leone.