Certificates from Honduras Maritime Administration

Seafarers’ documents remotely, legitimately and without waiting too long.

Our company provides service of issuance of certificates of competency and other documents for the Maritime Administration of Honduras.

Honduras is country of  IMO “White List”. The documents are issued in English, in accordance with all the provisions and standards of the STCW, recognized and approved by many member-countries of the Convention.

We will organize issuance of documentation set, including certificate of competence, seaman’s book and basic STCW certificates. For processing of documents applicants must provide the below-listed copies of documents:

  • Filled application form
  • Certificate of Competence (previously issued)
  • Verification of the previously issued Certificate of Competence
  • Medical certificate
  • Seaman’s book
  • Coloured photo of passport sample (3X4)
  • Copies of seagoing service record book or other seagoing references

For the detailed information about procedure of COC issuance, fees and other queries, please contact our STCW department:

by e-mail: stcw@flagadmin.com

by phone: +905421576080