It is mandatory for all seafarers serving onboard a St. Kitts & Nevis Ship to hold a “Continuous Discharge Certificate and Identity Document (CDC)”, also commonly known as Seaman’s book.

A CERTIFICATE OF ENDORSEMENT (CoE) and CDC shall be issued to ALL Officers holding Certificates of Competency – (CoC) and title endorsement from a “White Listed” country – whether they are listed on the Minimum Safe Manning Certificate or not – and is recommended for those Ratings holding appropriate certification from their home country or any “White Listed” country.

To apply for Endorsement and CDC, please send the copies of below mentioned documents to stcw@flagadmin.com:

  • Application Form

  • National COC & Endorsement

  • National GMDSS & Endorsement (if applicable)

  • Seaman’s Book (SID)

  • Travel Passport

  • Valid Medical Certificate

  • Basic training certificates (VI/1-1, VI/1-2, VI/1-3, VI/1-4 etc)

  • Designated Security Duties VI/6-2 or Ship Security Officer VI/5

  • Proof of sea service

  • 2 X Passport size photos

  • Current additional Endorsements ( Tanker, Ship Security Officer (if applicable)

For fee and other inquiries concerning issuance of flag documents for seafarers, please contact our STCW department: