Classification Societies

Our unique multifunctional maritime center includes Exclusive Representatives of different high-quality European non-IACS Classification Societies (Recognized Organizations) that have authorization from the following Flag Administrations: Belarus, Belize, Bolivia, Cape Verde, Cook Islands, Greece, Honduras, Jamaica, Jordan, Kingdom of Cambodia, Lebanon, Moldova, Nigeria, Palau, Panama, Sierra Leone, St. Kitts & Nevis, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, Tonga, Turkey, Union of Comoros, USA, Yemen.

Our Classification Societies have a network of representative offices in various countries, and are also certified according to quality standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17020:2012

We offer a wide range of services for the classification and conventional supervision and certification of ships according to ISM Code, ISPS, MLC, 2006. Thanks to the high-quality organization of our work, you will be able to get a class for your vessel with minimal bureaucracy and the least amount of time.

The issuance of all the necessary documents takes place on board the vessel by the surveyor after a positive inspection of the vessel for compliance with international requirements.

Due to the fact that all the Classification Societies with which we cooperate have a wide network of representations around the world, if the need arises (single voyage, scheduled inspections, occasional inspections), a local representative who will most effectively solve the existing problems will visit your vessel as soon as possible anywhere in the world, which will significantly save your time and money.

The following and many other services are provided by surveyors of Classification Societies / Recognized Organizations:

  • Classification and conventional surveys and audits in accordance with the International Maritime Conventions and Codes: SOLAS, MARPOL,  Load Lines, MLC, 2006, etc.
  • Occasional surveys for registration of a one-time passage, at the request of the port authorities, in case of failure of various equipment of the vessel, etc.
  • Technical inspection of the vessel at the request of the ship owner.
  • Pre-sale inspection of the vessel or yacht, aimed at assessing the technical condition of the vessel or yacht.
  • Assistance in the implementation of new rules and regulations of the International Maritime Conventions for shipping companies in view of their maritime activities.
  • Providing consultations on the implementation and maintenance of ISM-ISPS codes on ships on international voyages.
  • Development of all types of manuals, booklets, calculations (a detailed list and samples of our developments, you can find by clicking on the link http://marinesafety.org.ua/preparation-of-manuals-and-booklets.html)
  • Inspection and emergency repair of the underwater part of the ship's hull and the propeller-rudder system of any complexity, including ice conditions, as well as other types of diving operations.
  • Ultrasonic testing of tightness of holds, cargo hold covers, containers and other pressurized compartments.

For questions regarding the entry of the vessel into the class, certification, as well as obtaining the information you are interested in, please contact us:

by e-mail: info@marinesafety.org.ua

by phone: +905411132676