Endorsements from Togo

Please note that only officers on board of a Togo-flagged vessel will obtain endorsement. Applicants must submit following documents
for the issuance of endorsements for certificate of competence in accordance with the provisions of STCW Convention 78/95 with Manila


  • Completed application form
  • Travel Passport
  • Seaman’s book
  • Certificate of Competency and endorsement
  • GMDSS (if applicable)
  • SSO (if applicable)
  • STCW certificates copies (basic safety training, survival craft, DSD etc)
  • Medical Certificate
  • Coloured photo (passport sample)
Upon receipt of all the required documents, provisional certificate (CRA) valid for 3 months will be issued. Within this period of time
permanent endorsement for seafarer’s COC will be issued. 

For fee and other inquiries concerning issuance of flag documents for seafarers, please contact our STCW department: