Vessels under construction may be granted provisional registration under special conditions.

Vessels still under construction may be registered at IMMARBE following same procedure for general registration, but in such instances charges other than the registration fee are levied until the vessel is ready to sail. Mortgages and liens can also be recorded upon vessels under construction already registered. Documents produced for this type of registration will have the indication that are "NOT VALID FOR NAVIGATION" and will be replaced for regular ones as soon as the construction is finished and the vessel complies with all necessary requirements for a safe navigation.

According to Merchant Ships (Registration) Act, 2010, section 11, the following will be required for vessels under construction:

  • Application form for Registration of Ships
  • A declaration from the shipyard/builders the particulars of the vessel they constructing and who the owners they constructing the vessel for
  • Power of Attorney appointing a shipping agent in Belize
  • Payments as quoted

After the submission of these documents the Provisional Patent of Navigation will be issued and the date of expiration will be stated as 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION'.

Kindly note, that after completion of the vessel construction, it will need to comply with all necessary documents for provisional registration and pay all annual taxes and other necessary fees.